Selametan & Contests

Yesterday, my family and I went to my cousin’s house for selametanSelametan is when someone invites people to their house to eat and say prayers because something good happened. Yesterday, my uncle Om Fuad held that event because his wife just delivered a baby, whose name is Mumtaz. We stayed there for almost five hours. My parents talked with everyone else while my sister and I sat around stuffing ourselves and watching the adorable baby. I met a new friend there, too. Her name is Vita and she’s 13 years old. Here’s the crazy thing: she’s going into high school next year! It’s because she started school early. Also, she took an acceleration program in middle school.

I went home very, very full and happy.

So today, I’ll be entering a local contest. There are three contests actually, and I’m planning on entering all of them, hehe! 😀 There’s a photography contest, a poster-making contest, and a writing contest. The theme is Lingkungan Sehat, Clean Environment. I hope I’ll win! 😀 The prizes are awesome, ya know! It says that prizes include: smartphone, tablet, notebook, $750, $500 and $300. Wowza, haha 😛

Wish me luck, okay! 😀



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