Awwwww that’s so sweet, Hannah 🙂 I miss you so much too ❤

First World Problems

I still remember the first day I met Sophia. I was playing at the playground at my elementary school when Ms. Kinkaid, the principal at the time, called me over. A little girl who looked about my age had long black hair and was hiding behind Ms. Kinkaid. She was looking down and moving her black slippers back and forth through the dirt as I came over. Right after we were introduced, Sophia and I became close friends. We have been close ever since, despite the long distance friendship we currently have. I still remember all the times I went over to her house and we would let our imaginations run rampant as we played games, raced snails on the gazebo, and jumped on her bed while listening to the radio. I miss her so much, and I’m so glad that we are friends. 🙂

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