Past, Present, Future

Yesterday was my Papa’s birthday- Happy happy HAPPY birthday Papa! 😀

Present: My kitten, Zut, died today.

Future: Tomorrow I’ll be going to a mountain peak with my family. (My father has to give a presentation there. The mountain’s called Puncak Ciawi Bogor, just in case you’re wondering :))

Happy Earth Day!!

Today for Earth Day, my neighborhood held an event- we planted trees! My mom bought a mango tree and a guava tree, but most people only brought these small shrubs. I love planting trees. I love all things to do with the outdoors. It’s so fresh and rejuvenating to be in the great outdoors, breathing in the crisp air and fresh brown earth.

After that event, I went to my friend’s house. Then I went biking with my friends- Ana, Tina, and Rara.

In the evening, after hanging out with Ana, Tina, and Rara I went shopping with my family.

Coming home late at night, we parked the car only to see a meter away two cats lying in the middle street.

A thought crawled into my mind. Don’t think it, Soph. Don’t think it! If you don’t think it, it won’t be real.

I looked closer. Alas, that horrible feeling eating at my gut was undoubtedly right. One of the two bodies was my dearest Zut, the smallest of the trio siblings born to Momor, the strangest colored cat in Althia Park.

Cries of anguish escaped my lips. My sister Nahla looked over my shoulder to see what was the matter.

When she saw what it was, she gasped.

“Zut!” We both cried.

We rushed out the car door, then approached our precious slowly. Tentatively.

Surrounding her small, small head was some icky fluid I tried so hard not to see. Was it possibly… her brain?

Thankfully though, the rest of her body remained intact.

Poor, poor Momor. You’ve already lost so many kittens. Trust me, you won’t believe how many generations of kittens that cat has chugged out. I’ve even lost count. And the saddest thing is, most of them died or got lost.

And poor Zut. She was my favorite kitten. We’ll miss you so very much. 😦

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