The Little Prince

Am I the rose- vain, patiently waiting for the little prince? Am I the little prince- travelling through planets only to find his answer waiting at home? Am I the man whose plane crashed in the desert with the well? Am I the fox? Am I the snake? Or, what if, I’m slowly becoming a grown-up like The King or The Banker or the Top-Hat Man…? It’s curious what this universe holds. And it’s stranger still how we only know so little.

Besides that, I have found a gem on Quora. I think besides 42, there has never been a better explanation for the meaning of life. This kiddo put it perfectly into words. And like one commenter said, “I never thought my new tenet would be: Make sure your poop is cooler than your food.”

The Wisest Thing Someone Had Heard a Child Say

There are so many other treasures I’ve found on Quora that I can’t list them all here. If you’re looking to read about incredible life experiences, journeys and answers to the meaning of life and so forth, Quora is the best place to find it.

My favorite song right now:

That’s from the movie The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. A book I’d always been meaning to read, but never got around to until 9th grade. When I eventually did read it, it only took a day.  And I was all, “Okay… Now time to watch the movie.” This is just my opinion, but I think reading the book is better than watching the movie. They always leave things out in the movie. Also, you can’t delve into the story as vicariously as you can if you read it. Of course, there are exceptions,  such as Castle in the Sky.


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