Book Bazaar Galore

On Monday my dad took me to a book bazaar in ICE BSD. When I stepped in the room, it felt like some type of heaven. All those piles of books stretching on and on. Definitely the best day of the week!


Here is their facebook page: Big Bad Wolf Book Bazaar

This glorious book bazaar lasts until May 8th. Be sure to visit if you want to get some sweet discounts. The books are 60-80% off! So if you’re a bookworm like me, you might want to check it out. If you don’t really like English books, fear not. There are also Indonesian books costing only RP 10.000 (around $1). Cool, right?

On another note, next week I’m taking the national exams! I know I should be doing some last minute studying, but… I mean, come on. What have I been doing these past three years? Anyway, please, please wish me luck. This is my last asset for getting into a good high school.

Have a lovely day~ ♥


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