Our Story- Arvoisa

Dedicated for my friends from Budi Mulia Dua Bintaro, angkatan ke-empat, ARVOISA.

The bell rang through the school corridor, signaling that yet another school day had begun. All 19 of us shuffled into class. We took our seats and waited for the teacher. There were 19 students in the Arvoisa generation- out of 60 students in total. We started school without knowing each other, or what would happen to us, yet during those mornings we drilled for the National Exams, I couldn’t believe how close we were to graduating. How far we’d come.

With sleepy eyes and yawns, we took out our Fokus-UN book, notebooks, and pencils. As we waited for the teacher, we talked and laughed about everything and nothing. Sunlight streamed in through the windows, as if the sky were shouting, “Hello! Good morning.” to the droopy-eyed 9th graders of the dusky morning classroom.

At a little over 6:30 AM, most of us had already arrived- dressed uniformly in Budi Mulia’s blue and green batik. Suddenly Ms.Yuli, our science teacher, opened the door and paced across the room, arms full of books and a laptop. The next hour whizzed by as we drilled our heads with problems.

Who doesn’t remember the excitement of working through problem after problem so that we could get a good NEM? And the hours we spent poring over textbooks, memorizing equations and science facts.  Questions and answers that never seemed to end… but not only about math, English, Bahasa Indonesia, and science, but also questions like “Where will I go for high school?” and “Will I do well on the exams?”. Meanwhile, our hearts whispered, “Who am I?” and “What will I become?”

Because we were only kids. Kids just learning how to grow. And how to live in the world.

There were many experiences we shared at Budi Mulia. I could tell you about Maulid Nabi, all the different contests, memorizing Al-Qur’an, salsa-dancing, buying Indomie from Mas Tarjo, or even camping at Bandung for Pramuka, but I think we would all agree that the most memorable part of it was how, in the end, we came together not just as friends, but also family.

We stuck together during the highs and the lows. We shared jokes that no one could understand, and sometimes, jokes that everyone could understand. But most importantly, we were there for each other. Each and every one of us was unique in our own special way, and that’s what made us click with one another, like pieces of a puzzle.

In this life, we will all travel our different paths, and walk down the road of our own destinies. We have already spread to different high schools. Some of us went to SMA Negeri in Tangerang Selatan, some to SMAN in Jakarta, and some of us to private schools. Yet we know that through the two or three years that we’ve shared, there is a part of our hearts carved out especially by the memories we created together. And we cannot regret it. Neither can we go back. What we can do is appreciate what we have gone through together. We can store them in our vault of memories, to reminisce when life gets tough, and all we want to do is smile at the days when we were simpler and sillier.

Thank you to all 18 of you for sharing this journey together. With the help of our teachers-who we appreciate very much- we grew together from the innocent kids we were to teenagers who now understand that the world is much more complex than we could have imagined. We grew not only in our minds, but also in our hearts.


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