The World in Color

Sometimes I see the world through its reflections

in the murky puddles on the ground

in wayward mirrors casting distortions

or even shadows jumping from behind.


Sometimes I see the world in true proportions

Without any of the crazy contortions

And when I do

—although it’s rare—

I pause to take a snapshot with my eyes

Relish the moment of that rare exception

so I’ll remember it

even when the world subsides.


Sometimes I see the world through perceptions

Through hazy lenses or

fitted frames

so tight they make deceptions

so worn they spin the world…


Sometimes I wish the world was

black and white

the way I see it when


can’t make up my mind


when I turn temporarily blind

in the face of the dark.


I hope that I can see the world in color

more often than I do

because I love those times

when I can gladly wear

rose-tinted spectacles-

through which the world

is a dazzling rush of colors


Where I can taste the evening stars

see the flavors of the sky


sip down a rainbow punch

dangle from the apple trees

tip my face towards the sky

and drink in the lemon sun.


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