Underneath a sparkling sky with a crescent glow

Raining twinkling stars

Radiating shafts of silver light

Stood him the Golden One

Gentle, bold, and brave was he

With a beautiful face and beautiful steps

He danced from dusk til dawn

Leaping, twirling, in the air

Singing softly with the wind

He danced atop

A sea of shimmering silver stretching on for miles,

A pool of swirly ink dashed among them

Every move was breathtaking

Every leap was purely magic

He was simply one with stars

Out came a girl with soft flaxen hair

Kind and sweet and elegant

She smiled sweetly

She gasped in awe

And joined his dance

From dusk til dawn

One night the stars had faded

The moon’s light flickered

Dawn began to break

A bright golden ring surfaced up

Turning the sky a rosy pink

The field was a sparkling sea of vibrant green

She looked around

Brows creased with worry

She held him one last time

She kissed his lips

Murmured goodbye

But promised she’d return

She wished him

The best life

And safety forever and always

He shed golden tears

Which flew away with the wind

Like tiny primrose butterflies

He mourned his way to heaven

Which accepted him with open arms

And there he waited

One day the girl returned

She looked upon the field

Calling softly his name over and over

Her words hung in the air,

Carried away by the wind

And taken away forever as she stood there

Inquiring the field

Searching for him

Till the end

As he waited in heaven

Waited for her to return


Just for…




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